LogoSoftwareAndAppsMobile apps are becoming the new websites, with immediate access by customers and visitors, coupled with new technologies like push notifications you can keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on.

We do bespoke app development packages for both iOS and Android platforms, complete with push notifications, custom pages, stores and more.

You control aspects of your app using our dedicated portal such as notifications, news, events, purchasing options and more.

Our packages are competitive and depend on your custom configuration ranging from as little as £59. Please get in touch with us and we can quote you for exactly what you want.

What we do for you

  1. Develop and build your application to your specification keeping in line with the iOS and Android design guidelines.
  2. Publish your application on the App Store and Google Play Store with high quality screenshots.
  3. Give you access to the Publisher Dashboard so you can update your application from anywhere.
  4. Provide you with metrics and analytics about your app and give suggestions on how to market and grow your user base.

The app they developed was just perfect! The ability to use the Publisher Dashboard to update my app whenever I wanted was a true selling point over other app development services.